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Download BlueCat and Embrace Hybrid Cloud with Adaptive DNS

Download Bluecat: A Smart DDI Platform for Network Automation and Security

If you are looking for a solution to simplify the complexity of your networks, improve your security posture, and accelerate your innovation initiatives, you might want to consider downloading Bluecat. Bluecat is a smart DDI platform that provides adaptive DNS solutions for the most demanding hybrid cloud environments. In this article, we will explain what Bluecat is, why you need it, and how to download it.

What is Bluecat?

Bluecat is a leading provider of DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) software solutions that enable enterprises to build a reliable, secure, and resilient network foundation. DDI is the core network service that connects devices, applications, and users across networks. By unifying and centralizing DDI services, Bluecat gives you complete visibility and control over your network resources, policies, and performance.

download bluecat


Bluecat's adaptive DNS platform is dynamic, open, secure, scalable, and automated. It allows you to leverage DNS as a strategic asset for your business outcomes. With Bluecat, you can:

  • Manage your DNS infrastructure across data centers, cloud platforms, branch offices, and edge devices

  • Automate DNS provisioning and configuration tasks using workflows, APIs, and integrations

  • Protect your network from DNS-based attacks using threat intelligence, analytics, and enforcement

  • Optimize your network performance using intelligent forwarding, load balancing, and traffic steering

  • Innovate faster using cloud-native networking tools and DevOps practices

Why You Need Bluecat?

Increase Resilience

DNS is critical for the availability and functionality of your network services. If DNS fails or slows down, your applications and users will suffer. That's why you need a robust DDI solution that can scale to meet your growing demands, handle complex queries efficiently, and ensure high availability and redundancy.

Bluecat helps you increase the resilience of your network by providing:

  • A single source of truth for all your DDI data across hybrid cloud environments

  • A distributed architecture that eliminates single points of failure and supports failover scenarios

  • A self-healing mechanism that detects and repairs configuration errors automatically

  • A flexible deployment model that supports physical appliances, virtual machines, containers, or cloud instances

  • A granular role-based access control that prevents unauthorized changes and audits all activities

Reduce Risk

DNS is also a major threat vector for cyberattacks. Attackers can exploit DNS vulnerabilities to hijack, redirect, or disrupt your DNS traffic, or use DNS as a covert channel for data exfiltration. That's why you need a comprehensive DDI solution that can monitor, analyze, and secure your DNS traffic, and help you comply with regulatory standards. Bluecat helps you reduce the risk of your network by providing:

  • A real-time visibility and reporting of your DNS traffic across hybrid cloud environments

  • A threat intelligence and analytics engine that detects and blocks malicious domains, IP addresses, and patterns

  • A policy-based enforcement that applies custom rules and actions to your DNS traffic based on various criteria

  • A DNS encryption and authentication that protects your DNS data from snooping and tampering

  • A compliance management that helps you adhere to industry best practices and standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.

Accelerate Innovation

DNS is also a key enabler for innovation and transformation. As you adopt new technologies and methodologies such as hybrid cloud, microservices, containers, Kubernetes, DevOps, etc., you need a flexible and agile DDI solution that can support your changing needs and requirements. That's why you need a smart DDI solution that can integrate with your existing tools and platforms, and automate your network operations and workflows. Bluecat helps you accelerate innovation by providing:

  • An open and extensible platform that integrates with your cloud providers, orchestration tools, security solutions, etc.

  • An API-driven approach that allows you to programmatically access and manipulate your DDI data and services

  • A workflow automation that enables you to streamline and standardize your DDI processes and tasks

  • A cloud-native networking that supports dynamic provisioning, scaling, and management of your DDI resources in the cloud

  • A DevOps-friendly networking that empowers your developers and operators to collaborate and innovate faster using DDI services

How to Download Bluecat?

Choose Your Product

Bluecat offers a range of products and services to suit your specific needs and goals. You can choose from the following options:

  • Bluecat Address Manager: A centralized IPAM solution that manages your IP address space, DNS zones, DHCP scopes, etc.

  • Bluecat DNS Edge: A distributed DNS security solution that monitors and controls your DNS traffic at the network edge

  • Bluecat Gateway: A workflow automation solution that enables you to create custom workflows for your DDI tasks using APIs and integrations

  • Bluecat Cloud Discovery & Visibility: A cloud visibility solution that discovers and maps your cloud resources and their dependencies

  • Bluecat Professional Services: A consulting service that helps you design, deploy, optimize, and manage your Bluecat solutions

  • Bluecat Training: A learning service that provides online courses, certifications, webinars, etc. to help you master Bluecat skills

  • Bluecat Support: A support service that provides technical assistance, troubleshooting, updates, etc. to help you maintain your Bluecat solutions

Request a Demo or a Quote

If you are interested in trying out Bluecat products or services, you can request a demo or a quote from their website. You can fill out a form with your contact details, company information, and product preferences, and a Bluecat representative will get in touch with you shortly. You can also call them at 1-866-895-6931 or email them at

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A demo or a quote will help you evaluate the features and benefits of Bluecat solutions for your specific network needs and goals. You can also ask any questions you may have about Bluecat products or services, and get expert advice and guidance from their team.

Download and Install Bluecat

Once you have chosen your product and received a demo or a quote, you can proceed to download and install Bluecat on your system. Depending on the product you have selected, the download and installation process may vary. Here are some general steps to follow:

  • Download the Bluecat software package from their website or from the link provided by their representative. You may need to log in with your credentials or enter a license key to access the download.

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